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About us

About Cryga service

Cryga is the most fun PvP crypto game! Unlike other dice games and online casinos, our game gives an opportunity to play versus other players and show everyone who is the best!

We guarantee an honest selection of the winner and you can prove it by yourself (read more about it here).

About Cryga dragon

Once upon a time, there was a dragon, whose glaring power and fury were glorified in legends. With only one move he could wipe out a country. Legends say that he liked to play with arrogant humans and destroy them without any chance.

But that was a lot of years ago - now real fights and personal life aren't interesting to him that much. His real passion is crypto and anime!

About team

Our tech team consists of top-tier demi-dragon developers and designers who are passionate about making the best PvP crypto games.

We won't stop at what we have and will improve our project every day. Each player can participate in the evolution of the project by discussing and suggesting new ideas in our social media (check out our telegram group!). We are always open to something new!

But let's talk less and PLAY more! Cryga is waiting for new winners.