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Here is the list of questions you possibly would like to get answers to.

How to set avatar image?

You can change your avatar image by setting an email address in your profile settings and image on gravatar.

What is round?

Round is consists of user bets. A new round starts regardless of user bets. Every placed bet is increasing the chance of users to win by its amount.

For example, we have a round where 2 users placed 2 bets: the first user placed 100 and the second user placed 900. The first user will have a 10% chance to win, while the second user 90%.

Also, it's not important when does user places bet during a round or how much bets he places while the sum is the same.

By the first look, somebody will say that there's no chance to win with a small wager - but it's not true. There is always a chance to win even if your chance is tiny. Of course, it happens rarely but profit of user who won with small chance is huge!

How to verify that the results of a round were not manipulated?

We believe that every service with real money should be provably fair and secured. You can prove that our site not manipulating round results by coming through the explanation below.


Server seed is generated with round creation and is 32 random hex symbols. Also, every user has client seed and it can be changed in profile settings at any time. Active round Server Seed is hidden from users in order to prevent the result prediction. Instead, SHA256 Hash of it is shown to guarantee that it will not be replaced by us. Also, there is client seeds - user random values. You can change client seed and winner will be selected with your new seed and all others. After round ends - server automatically changes seed of every user that was participating in round on new random one.

Random winner selection

When round ends - the winner is selected based on server seed and users bets. We use HMAC to generate a result to get a lucky number from. You can play with algorithm in our jsfiddle.

 * Returns winner based on Server Seed and Player Bets.
 * @param {string} serverSeed
 * @param {Array<Object>} bets
 * @param {uuid} bets[].id
 * @param {number} bets[].amount
 * @param {string} bets[].user
 * @param {string} bets[].seed
function getWinner(serverSeed, bets) {
  var sortedBets = bets.sort((a, b) => {
    if ( < { return -1; }
    if ( > { return 1; }
    return 0;
  var hmac = CryptoJS.algo.HMAC.create(CryptoJS.algo.SHA512, serverSeed);
  var uniqueClientSeeds = {};
  var total = 0;
  var playerBetSums = [];
  for (var bet of sortedBets) {
    if (!uniqueClientSeeds[bet.seed]) {
    uniqueClientSeeds[bet.seed] = true;
    var betIndex = playerBetSums.findIndex(v => v.user === bet.user);
    total += bet.amount;
    if (playerBetSums[betIndex]) {
    	playerBetSums[betIndex].amount += bet.amount;
    } else {
  var hash = hmac.finalize().toString(CryptoJS.enc.Hex);
  var randomNumber = parseInt(hash.substr(0, total.toString().length), 16);
  var lucky = randomNumber % total;
  var index = 0;
  for (var { user, amount } of playerBetSums) {
    index += amount;
    if (lucky < index) {
      return user;

Steps to prove fair

  1. Open and register/login - you will see current round;
  2. Before round end - click on the "Verify fairness" button;
  3. Copy and save the value of "Server seed hash" (to prove that hash of seed is correct);
  4. Wait for round end;
  5. After round end - scroll to the bottom, find last round in "Latest rounds" and click on it;
  6. After last round loaded - click on the "Verify fairness" again;
  7. Copy "Server seed" and hash it with Sha256 hasher function (you can do it here);
  8. Then copy round bets by clicking the "Copy bets" button and navigate to our jsfiddle (feel free to inspect the code in it!);
  9. Paste "Server seed" and "Round bets" in corresponding fields;
  10. After some time, you will see the winner of that round.

Best practices

Change Client Seed every time you place a bet. It's not necessary, but this will definitely affect round lucky result :).

How does Cryga make it's own profit?

We are getting a small size of your win, specifically from your profit. For example, if you placed 900 Satoshis and won 1000 - your profit is 100. And we will sincerely take 10% of your profit that is equal to 10 Satoshis. That simple!

How to place bets on round?

If you have enough balance to place minimum bet (100 Satoshi):

  1. Go to main page;
  2. Make sure that you are seeing current round;
  3. Specify bet amount in GAME panel via helper buttons or bet input;
  4. Click PLACE BET;
  5. Good luck!
What is demo round?

Demo round is very similar to a real one but with infinite balance and dummy opposite players. The purpose of such a simple example is to show how the real game played and to understand aspects before wager real bitcoin. Placed demo round bets will not affect your bitcoin balance.

Who are Norbert and Daggett?

We understand that playing 24/7 in our game is not possible and watch at empty round is boring so we created our bots: Norbert and Daggett. They play sometimes and maybe sometimes even win. You can play with them and have fun. Don't hurt them, please :).

How to make deposits?

You can find bitcoin addresses by clicking on the Deposit button in the header of the website.

Why is there SegWit, Legacy and Bech32 addresses?

We support SegWit, Legacy and Bech32 addresses but some cashiers don't. With SegWit users can have lower fees. If you canโ€™t use SegWit for a transaction - use a Legacy address.

How long should I wait to receive a deposit and play?

It generally takes up to one hour for the Deposit to appear on your account. Sometimes delays happen with deposits as your wallet may add a small fee on the transactions or Blockchain may be overloaded. You can check the status of the transaction at HISTORY tab of your Cashier or at by copy and pasting deposit transaction hash there. Your bits will be deposited as soon as the transaction gets confirmations at Blockchain. If you donโ€™t see a deposit after it is confirmed at Blockchain, send us your username and transaction ID to and we will check it.

How to withdraw my funds?

You can find modal with withdrawal inputs by clicking on the Withdraw button in the header of the website.

What withdrawal fee will be charged?

It depends on the fee type you choose. We don't charge any additional fees.

What is fee type? What is the difference between Economic, Normal and Priority fee type?

Usually, it takes up to one hour to receive the withdrawal in crypto. With Normal fees, you will receive withdrawal within this period and will pay the standard fee. If you use Priority fees the withdrawal will be received in minutes.

How to open past round?

At the bottom of the main page you will see Latest, Top and My rounds - if you click on it you will see this round at the top of the site. Also, you can find bet or win in My transactions section of the profile and click on Round ID. To close past round and back to common era round - click on the button Back to CE round.

What is active sessions?

An active session is your authenticated device or browser from you logged in to You can revoke sessions from those devices which you don't like to be authorized. A similar solution uses telegram.

How does the referral system work?

You can invite users to join your referral system by the link in the section My referrals in the profile modal.

Part of every win that was won by your referral is going to you! It's 10% of our profit from round (or 1% of win profit) and it's paid just after round ends. With this simple referral system, you can earn bitcoin without even placing bets!

If you still have questions - please contact us by email